Bodembouw applies “Cutter Soilmix-system” for construction pit in Hannover (video)

The city centre is becoming more popular and therefore it continuously grows. This development puts pressure on the inner city area. The opportunities lay underground and that is exactly where BodemBouw offers the solution.

BodemBouw is specialised in making big construction pits. The company uses the “Cutter Soilmix-system”, a mixed-in-place system with two Cutter wheels which cut the ground loose and mix it with a liquid cement-mix.

The CSM system is used vibration-free, settlement-free and even with low noise, this makes the system ideal for the city centre. After mixing a panel in the ground, the panel is armed by lowering steel beams into the liquid suspension. First the odd panels are made and on the day after the even panels are made among the odd panels. On this way a ground- and water- retaining wall is realized.

For the construction pit in Hannover the so called Island-method is being used for the steel shoring construction. With this method slanting steel tubes are shored to the concrete centre floor. In this way a horizontal steel shoring frame isn’t needed and that gives benefits to the amount of steel that is necessary and the total working schedule.

BodemBouw is based in the Netherlands but as you can see they work abroad when necessary.

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